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The Halo Seal ®
Leading gasket innovation

  • Revolutionary redesign of a metallic gasket

  • Reusable patented guide ring means lower costs and reduced inventory

  • Based on low emission, high integrity Kammprofile technology

Kammprofile Technology

The Halo Seal utilises proven Kammprofile technology to deliver high sealing integrity and low emissions.

As the load is applied to the gasket, the soft facing material compresses and fills the grooves of the metal core.

The facing material densifies at the peaks of the profile resulting in a series of very thin layers of high stress with outstanding tightness.
How it works

The Halo Seal’s revolutionary design facilitates the easy removal of the sealing element from the outer ring.
The sealing element can be removed at the flange, at stores or at the supplier.
A new sealing element clips easily back into the guide ring.

1. Cost savings
  • The unique reusable outer guide ring means that only the sealing element needs to be replaced when changing the gasket
  • This results in significant savings over other metallic designs on the market
  • Savings increase with the number of replacements

Halo Seal vs SWG Savings
Spiral wound gasket 316L Outer rings, 316L & Graphite windings, 316L inner ring
Halo Seal 304L Outer ring, 316L core & Graphite

Gasket Change Spiral Wound Halo Seal % Total Savings
1. 1 x Gasket 1 x Halo Seal - 5%
2. 2 x Gaskets 1 x core +15%
3. 3 x Gaskets 2 x core +20%
4. 4 x Gaskets 3 x core +30%
2. Reduced Inventory
  • The Halo Seal has one common sealing element for each pipe size, regardless of pressure class or international flange standard
  • There are only 19 variants of Halo Seal sealing element compared with inventory of 361 across the major flange standards
  • The result is a significant reduction in end-user inventories & costs
Kammprofile vs Spiral Wound
  • Reduced fugitive emissions
  • Lower stress to seal
  • More robust
Market Opportunities
  • ANY process utilizing product transfer via flanged-piping is a potential Customer.
  • Potential to supplant both SWG & Kammprofile gaskets as market leaders
  • Opportunity to rationalize the global semi-metallic gasket market and become the ‘gasket of choice’.
Global semi-metallic gasket market is circa $5Billion per annum.
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Power Generation
  • Nuclear
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Refrigeration
  • Water Management
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pulp & Paper

Halo Seal Concept
The Halo Seal concept does not end with the Kammprofile gasket core.
The patented reusable outer guide ring is applicable to many other potential applications

Flange Corrosion
When corrosion (or mechanical damage) affects the flange faces, the use of a conventional gasket is likely to give rise to leaks.

In order to ensure safe sealing, the flange has either to be machined or replaced and the downtime is significant.
Halo Seal FRS
  • The revolutionary FRS incorporates additionally a specially constructed PTFE inner ring.
  • The soft inner ring conforms to the flange face and creates a seal, even if the flange is already damaged.
  • It is designed to minimise and manage corrosion in new and existing flanged joints.
  • Major cost saving compared to machining and welding flange.
  • Save time and lost productions
  • The only true alternative to the Flexitallic FRG gasket
Fire Safe Design
HALO Sealing Systems
  • In the event of a fire it is critical that that the gasket is able maintain its seal and not release further supplies of flammable liquid.

  • The API 6FB fire test is designed to assess the fire safety of a gasket by measuring the leakage of gasket under fire conditions

  • Halo Seal has been tested to this standard and is certified as Fire safe
Technical Specifications
Standard Materials
of Construction
Centering Ring 304 Stainless Steel
Swing Loop 316L Stainless Steel
Sealling Core 304 Stainless Steel
Laminations Flexible Graphite PTFE
Ambient Seating Stress For
Standard Facing Materials
Flexible Graphite2500Psi70000Psi
Max Temperature
304 Stainless Steel 540 °C
316L Stainless Steel 850 °C
Flexible Graphite 450 °C in Oxiding Atmosphere
3000 °C in Non-Oxidizing Atmosphere
PTFE 250 °C
Major Customers & Approvals
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