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IT Solutions


MRA offers a wide range of IT solutions including networking, software development, smart building, access card system, as well as security. As a constantly growing solution provider, we are actively looking for state-of-the-art technologies that can cater to our clients' requirements.

MRA has developed our expertise and demonstrates it through our innovative approach to offer the right solution that will help our clients meet their business goals. We design, supply, install, implement, service, operate, and maintain the solution. We provide complete on-site management and excellent technical services for our clients.

IT System Consultation

MRA offers IT system consulting services which help clients improve their operations by optimizing their software portfolio, software architecture, and create a technology-driven strategy.

We offer an in-depth assessment of organizational IT needs followed by the design and recommendation of a multi-functional solution that combines innovative programs and software solutions.

Networking and Infrastructures

We undertake technology and specializations in ensuring our customers are being well taken care of their requirements, business investments, and achieving greater values to their organization.

MRA listens and understands clients' unique set of business and IT requirements before we apply our commitment to designing, planning, building, integrating, and supporting even the most complex system.

System Integration

Our system integration experts help clients drive business and technical results from their IT stacks. When it comes to making an organization more connected and, as a result, more efficient, there is no better choice of system integration companies than MRA.

We first start by aligning with clients on their desired business outcomes, establishing an agreed-upon reference architecture and roadmap for implementation. From there, we work together to prioritize and execute integration projects, further building out to accommodate scaling needs for the enterprise.